Walk Alone...

Walk Alone

I stand under the sky,
spreading my hands.
The cool breeze kiss me,
cuddle me with its tender hands.
I lay on the wet grass,
my hairs bathing with mud.
My body now wet and soiled,
raindrops descend from the sky,
just to clean me up,
and get me ready,
for the upcoming journey.
I get up and walk up the stairs,
then I see back to see myself,
with my eyes still closed,
lying on the ground,
and resting in peace.
I smile and continue my journey,
to the never ending eternity.
With angels by my side,
I was too happy to see,
the end of my lonely life,
but then suddenly,
the angels fly away,
leaving me behind all alone.
I smile at my fate,
turn back and walk alone,
once more with nobody,
with me on my side...

Let's Be New . . . .

Be New
Old things are gone, everything's new.
Let's shed everything, except memories few.
Let's try to be a man and not an animal, 
Let's not tease, & help those who are dull. 

There's always something, something new to do. 
Let's lie on grass and dream a few, 
Let's do all that what others can't do, 
Bang the bench and rock the world, 
Show everyone a new type of band .... 

Let's rest on dew and bathe with hot sand, 
Let's live the hell and try to be a rebel, 
Let's stretch our hands, enjoy the hell. 
Let's rule the night and suppress the day. 
Let's be new ignoring what the oldies say....

Tarantula - My Drawing


Largest spider Tarantula drawn by me . . .

Fly High . . . .

Fly High
Let your dreams take a flight, 

in the unbound space like a kite.
Untie them & let them fly high, 
till they reach the infinity above sky....

Release yourself of the mental trauma, 
and stay away from the real life drama.
Then you'll know the vagues of perception, 
and reality behind your mental creation....

Dreams aren't just dreams, let them fly.
They are the goals which you should try
to achieve & proove this creepy world, 
that you aren't a naive who can be knurled....

Raise over the earth and touch the sky, 
open up your mind and fly high.
Forget about the world and never sigh, 
keep on going and leave your dreams to fly....
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