Say No To Corruption . . .

What is corruption ???

Corruption is one challenge being encountered by many nations in the world today. Good Governance would only prevail when the world comes to understand that ‘corruption’ needs only one man to soil an entire nation and therefore take a stand against it. It will only take one man to make our world today a better place for habitation if we have to live and practice good governance for a free and just society. Individuals, people and countries yell for transparency and accountability but in this effort, how far have we gone ??? Nowhere . . .

Is our education system to be blamed for corruption in the country ???

The curriculum taught does it have enough moral values or the students taking Moral Lesson classes just taking it as formality or is the education system in itself which doesn’t allow the future generation to develop right attitude.

The student’s concern is primarily focused on getting the marks because he wants to prove to his/her parents, to teachers and to the world, and in doing so the sore understanding of the principal behind the subjects is often forgotten, which ultimately leads to taking of shortcuts.

This foundation of shortcuts in schools and colleges teaches the student to take half measures in real life when he/she has come out of education system, now to get a job he bribes someone, to get a admission in higher education she bribes someone and the first floor of corruption is build.

We know that once a foundation is laid and first floor builded its relatively easy to take a further steps for the other floors of building and the result is a nation full of these corrupt buildings.

Is it time for us to check our education system and find out the flaws and rectify them for a corruption free nation.


Corruption we all know is not good and we also know that India has been ranked 87th by Transparency International in its Annual Report of 2010.

Is it because we are always in rush, busy in life and want the things at faster pace or we are so used to adopting negatives measures that we don’t see that poison of corruption is spreading so rapidly that one day it may damage the Nation to the extent from where we may not rise again.

Is it because every one wants fast money, lavish life, fancy cars and dream houses or we have lost the moral values as a society ?

We are wasting huge natural resources because of corruptible practices, Jungles are converted into industrial areas , farms into society buildings, the farmers are paid peanuts and builders enjoy the high returns !!!

Who is to be blamed for it ???

Are we right in blaming the politicians only for corruption in the country ?
or we the people of this great nation to be blamed for it ?

If the common man decides that he wont encourage and support corruption.

If he decides that no more bribery to the traffic police when he himself has broken the law by jumping a red light, honestly admits a penalty notice, the policeman would know that they have to change and say no to bribery.

When the police will decide that they will work honestly the smugglers and thief would be arrested and detained, not left after taking a heavy sum on money, than the smugglers would get a message for time to change and follow the right path.

Now when there would be no black money and only white money- politicians would not need a Swiss Account and big scams.

Now What ???

Say no to corruption
Whatever happens, our intrinsic dignity which is foundation of our human right must not be allowed to slip away from us. This dignity which is independent of any individual condition gives us the total mandate to self will and a life of choice. We must rise up today to responsible stewardship in our different leadership roles as ambassadors for change and say NO !!! to any form of corruption !!! It begins with ME, It begins with YOU !!! We all can make this commitment now !!! Say no to corruption ...

Let's say no to corruption ...
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