Raped . . .

"India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage . . ." 
Above are some lines we used to hymn during our assembly (remember the school pledge???). But you know what? Nothing is true in the above pledge. I am not proud of my country.  Not because this country is not good but due to the type of people we have to live with in this country. We pledge 'ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS'. If all Indians are brothers and sisters then how 23-year-old 'Amanat' (NOT her real name) was gang raped in Delhi??? I know no one can give a correct answer to this question. Whatever . . . I don't owe any answer. 

Some words for our own Delhi Police:

What do you think of yourselves??? You are not our masters you are social servants (our servants), don't forget this. I would like to tell you that you won't be enjoying popcorn in theater when your sister has been raped (I hope). You will fight for her and that's what all others are doing. Then why the hell are you stopping them??? Why are you beating them up??? Are you waiting for your sister to be raped??? Ah... Be worthy idiots, be worthy... 

I don't think government is paying you for this. And if it is paying you for this shit, then I will like to remind you that you have the power. Instead of using that power on innocent people use that on government. Be Humans. We trust you, please don't break our trust. It really hurts. Show your might to the convicts not us or be ready to face an uprising, This time not only from Delhi but from whole of India. Only then you will see whats you real worth. You have some powers but we people of India are more powerful than you. Remember this . . . 

See this picture . . . Hope, this will remind you of the evil you have done...

Dark face of our own DELHI POLICE

Some words for our respected Government Officials:

Are you blind and deaf at the same time??? Let us know, we will try to fix your eyes and ears. Can't you see whats going on??? Cant you see the burning country??? Or you want some heat to warm you up??? Don't you hear the cries of our brothers and sisters???
Don't just sit and stare. It was not a street act that you saw at India Gate. It was anger against you... It was concern for that unlucky girl who became victim of some dirty minds. Just place your daughter or sister in her place for a second, then I hope you will feel her pain and agony. Don't be dumb, do something other than being a spectator. If you cant do anything then hand us the convicts we know exactly what to do with them . . .

And please, please let us feel that we are in a Independent Country. We were in same condition when under British rule. The only difference is that, that time we were tortured by strangers and now we are tortured by our own people. It hurts . . .
British Rule Vs Government Rule

*Information Below has been taken from site of NDTV


On her sixth day in hospital, 23-year-old 'Amanat' has shown signs of improvement according to doctors who have been treating her since she was gang-raped, and beaten along with her friend who tried to protect her on a moving bus in the heart of Delhi.


With doctors satisfied that her condition is improving, she met with a senior police official and a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) last night.

She said that she was standing at a bus stop with her friend, a software engineer, when a chartered bus, the kind that is used often to supplement public transport in Delhi, pulled up. A man on the bus told 'Amanat' and her friend that the bus was headed towards where she lived. The couple boarded the bus at around 9.30 pm. But 3-4 minutes later, the young woman's friend got suspicious as the bus was moving in a route different than what they intended to take. He also raised an objection after the accused shut the door of the bus.

Soon after, the six men - all accused - started taunting the two on how they were out together at night. This led to a scuffle between 'Amanat's' friend and the rest. This is when two of the accused took her to the back of the bus even as her friend was hit on his head by Ram Singh, the main accused and the driver of the bus. While he fell unconscious, the 33-year-old bus driver went to the back of the bus and first raped 'Amanat'. She told the cops that the accused were threatening to throw her off the bus while she was being subjected to the torture. The nightmare, 'Amanat' told the police, lasted for around 30 minutes.

The 23-year-old has also told the police that the accused had, initially, wanted to throw her male friend out of the bus when the fight began. But they desisted and later, finding both the young woman and her friend unconscious, threw them out of the bus at Mahipalpur on the outskirts of Delhi. She has also told the police that the accused took off their clothes and also took away their belongings.
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