Something Awesome and a SORRY. . .

I was recently given the 'Awesome Blogger Award' by 'Nagini' of 'A Homemaker's Utopia' . This is my first award in the blogosphere. So, this means to me a lot. Awards are always meant to encourage people and push them to do better, and I promise to do better from now on. So, thank you Nagini, for this award !!!

Awesome Blogger award
According to The Awesome Blogger Award rules (as I got to know from posts of other winners) one has to:

> Display the award in his/her post.

> Thank the awesome blogger who generously passed it on to him/her.

> Share 7 random facts about him/her (the most difficult task according to me).

> Pass this on to 10 other Awesome bloggers and let them know that they've been awarded.

So, here is list of 7 random things about me-

1. I hate maths. According to me 'MATHS' means 'Mental Attack To Handsome Students'.

2. The two things I am afraid of are height and my DAD.

3. According to me winning is more important than participating.

4. I hate it when I have to take up corrupt ways coz I dont have any choice left.

5. I cant survive a single day without my mobile.

6. To me TV is life and Movie is oxygen.

7. I miss my friends more than my family.

These are some of my favourite blogs whom I would love to pass this award to ( got many but can list only 10 :-( ), all are worth reading. Check them out for sure.

1. Whatever it Takes !

2. bigbitz-blog

3. Words

4. Deep from my heart

5. Subho's Jejune Diet

6. Ranjana's Craft Blog

7. Sangry Words

8. All Faces Of Me

9. Safarnaamaa . . .

10. Tilling the Earthwoman

Now friends, Sorry for not going through and not commenting on your posts. I have been to a whole new city for higher studies where I have no desktop or laptop nor any kind of internet connection. I promise to become regular after I get my laptop. So, kindly bear till then . . .

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