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After a long time I am back on blogger. My busy schedule and weak financial condition were the reason of me not being posting anything on my blog and not reading and commenting on my favourite blogs and I am really sorry for this. During this period many things have changed in my life. After spending eighteen years of my life in Renukoot (a small town in UP), I am now out of the well to face the outer world. For pursuing my higher studies I am out in Lucknow all alone. After being away from my parents for quite a while I have come to know their real value. I am missing them a lot and my school life too. Lucknow has tought me many lessons. I have just learnt how to survive without TELEVISION and INTERNET. I now know how to save money (I get only about 9$ or Rs. 500 for the month, so saving money is very very important). So, now you know why I cant afford a internet connection. Kindly bear with me as I will not be as regular as before, from now on I will be slow and steady but will give more quality posts. And for my dear blogger friends I will read, comment and promote your indivines as soon as I get time and ofcourse money to spend sometime in cybercafe.

Yes, I forgot something. This post is quite speacial, this is FIFTIETH post on my blog. So I would like to share some cool things that recently happened in my life-
> My blog just completed TEN THOUSAND hits, first landmark for my blog.
> I have opted for my dream carreer, i.e. Animation
> I am no more a school boy. I am now in college named MAAC (Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics, Lucknow).
> I am now free to enjoy my life as I wish as I am  away from my parents.
> I have bought myself a cool laptop.
> Last but not the least, I finally posted something on my blog.

As I have just entered secound phase of my life, I will need all your wishes. So, if you like wish me best for my future. I would like to thank you for going through this boring and irrational post, blogging after a  really long time so I am quite exited and thus my mind is not working well :-P. Keep Visiting.
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