Live Out Loud . . .

Live Out Loud

Scream or shout,
Just speak out,
Whatever you need to say,
It’s your life, your play.
Think of now and think it fast,
Empty your mind, forget your past,
Don’t dig up that dirt,
The memories that really hurt,
Just think of now,
And plan of how,
To make it interesting,
And be the king.
Man, just cry aloud,
Speak your heart out,
Scream, shout, just go mad,
Give a smile, it’s time to be bad,
World had killed a lot of good,
Try to be good, they surely would,
Dismantle and corrupt you,
So why wait? You should too,
Burn it, raise the heat,
Crush it under your feet,
Do the things you want to do,
No one should force you to,
Step in his shoes,
And make you loose,
Your identity, your name,
Remember, your life your game,
Jump up or roll on mud,
Be mature, don’t be a bud,
Rise up revolt and be free,
Let this barking world see,
What the thing you have been,
A destructor, a war machine,
Kill them or leave them your choice,
Speak up now, raise your voice,
Don’t be quite, just speak,
Let your voice touch the peak,
Let this tough world hear,
That the winner in you is here,
Pick up a gun,
fire it for fun,
its your life, live it your way,
kick the world, let them say,
forget your uncle, forget your aunt,
just do whatever you want,
do everything loud,
let your heart speak aloud,
just speak up what you feel,
rise up and show your zeal,
be different from the crowd,
my friend, just Live Out Loud . . .
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