The Stellar Nights . . . .

Stellar Night
The DAY passes, arrives the beautiful NIGHT.
Laying on the grass I enjoy the charming sight, 
Of the stars beyond the clouds so high, 
I pass the night gazing at the DOTTED sky.

Walking BAREFOOTED, on the grass so neat, 
I enjoy the dew drops, KISSING myfeet.
At every glance changes the TWINKLING stars.
And excites my urge to FLY that far.

Enjoying the DEW and the steady cool BREEZE, 
The DANCING flower and the WAVING trees.
The BLOTTED moon and the stars so bright, 
I use to pass the STELLAR nights.

When all SLEEP, I ENJOY my life, 
Forget all PAIN inspite of all strife.
I love the stars, the grass and the trees, 
I wish this night never to CEASE.
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