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"Our indian education system leaves a lot to be desired. Some days ago, there was fire in my college due to some mishap (Thanks god the fire was not big). There was a fire extinguisher in the room but no-one tried to use it to kill the fire instead they ran to fetch water and thus created unnecessary chaos. The reason behind not using the fire extinguisher was that no-one actually knew how to use it. I bet, everyone in the room knew the working principle of fire extinguisher but didn't knew how to make it work. Seriously, our universities ought to prepare our youth better if we are to compete on a global level in years to come."

Chances are that you too don't know how to use a fire extinguisher. But if someone asks you how a fire extinguisher works you will say fire extinguishers contain high pressure carbon dioxide in the liquid form. When this gas is suddenly released on a fire, the gas expands by a huge amount, thereby reducing its temperature. In addition, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so it settles down. This means that fire extinguishers work by removing heat and also oxygen supply to the fire, and thus they are effective in extinguishing fires. Wow, nice to know that youth of India are now intelligent enough to tell the working principle of a fire extinguisher. But should I really be proud of this??? I don't think so.

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Are there problems in our education system?

Oh hell, YES. Our education system itself is a problem. 
People say they are educated they have knowledge, but what's the point in having knowledge if we can't use it on time? 

Actually the fault is not ours, its our education system that is to be held responsible. Schools are provided with books and a syllabus that is to be completed in a year. And so teachers are always in a hurry to finish the course in time. And the greatest problem is that every parent wants a engineer or a doctor in the house as if there is no more profession left in this damn world. For this, child has to get good marks in exam. Teachers want marks, parents want marks, everyone want marks. Now if this is everything that everyone wants then why not the child want marks?

So, now getting marks is the only trend in schools and colleges. Children now mug up things instead of understanding them. This is because if they mug up things then only thing they will have to do in exam is to vomit out everything they mugged up from the book. And thus they learn a lot of things but never learn to apply them. An example of this you read in first paragraph of this post. 

Focus is just to mug and score, not to design, innovate or do something out of the box. This attitude, is lacking even in the premier institutes like the IITs. We never try to do anything new. When we are given projects what do we do? Download a copy from internet or just borrow one from any senior. No-one is bothered to play a fair game. Now, this is what our education system is giving us. Nothing...

Ethics are not taught at all! At least in my school, I have never witnessed anything promoting ethical values. I have seen people getting happy just because they ran out of the coffee shop without paying bills (I used to, I no more do so). I have seen people breaking test tubes and beakers just for fun! I have seen ‘teachers’ indulging in mal-practices. We say we are more ethical than the Western countries. Really? Are we? I believe we really need something like the NRCVEE, that needs to be properly developed and taken up seriously.

What can we do now?
We are never late for anything. We can still change the things. First of all teachers should teach how to apply things not only force students to mug up the things. Secondly, parents should not force their ward to become only engineers or doctors. They should let their children decide what they want to be. Thirdly, government should try to learn from education systems of other developed nations. They should run awareness programs for parents to let them know other scopes of job according to talents of their wards. Fourthly, children should not run only behind the marks, they should try to enhance and improve the thing they are good at. 

If we are able to do these little things then we will get real intelligent youth for India and not donkeys . . .

Sorry, if I went a little harsh but that's my way of telling the truth . . .
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