School life VS College life
When I was in school, I wished to be in college as in television we see college students enjoying their lives more than we enjoy in school. Now, when I am finally in college, I want my school life back coz now I have come to know that everything that we see in television is no right, reality is always different. My school life was lot more better than my present college life. From last two months I am busy with all my daily assignments, projects and all the stuff than I get in college. So, I am getting very less time to spend on blogger or any other social sites. Nor I am getting any time to write, though I have plenty of topics in my mind. In school I had plenty of time to enjoy even after completing all my works, but here I am free only on sundays. So, as I have got some time to spare today, I am posting this UNTITLED post just to keep my blog running till I get some time to type my thoughts on a word document... 

So, my dear readers please bear with me. I will be back soon. Till then, BYE...
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