Luck . . . .

Bad Luck
Everything's based on the LUCK, 
Many times it gonna SUCK, 
The happiness of your life, 
And it will make you STRIVE. 
Luck will make you cry, 
Till your end until you DIE. 
Your life is PRECIOUS, 
And you are gracious. 
You will try leading it well, 
And your luck will make it HELL. 
Take luck as a boon, 
And you will feel this soon, 
Luck can be good not always bad, 
It can kill the DIFFICULTIES you had. 
But don't ever RELY on luck, 
Or else it gonna stuck. 
You are your own BOSS, 
So you will never be in loss. 
You should be WISE, 
And your aim should be precise. 
Luck will put HURDLES on your way, 
For this I will only say, 
That my friend, never SELL your SOUL, 
Just keep your eyes on the GOAL.
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