Schooltime LOVE . . . .

Hello friends, I would like to ask you a question, What is LOVE ? ? ? Sorry to say, but no-one has a correct answer to this. According to present youth, to be in relation with any girl or a boy is called love . . . . You can hear peaple saying "I love her", "I love him","I can't live without him/her" and so on. But actually all this a drama, nothing other than a over-acting.

Let me tell you, love is a heavenly feeling which arises when you have extreme faith in someone or you have great respect for someone. You can love anyone, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, any girl, any boy, you can love anyone in this world even though you have never ever met him/her. But nowadays Love is becoming a crazy fashion amongs teenagers.

Go to any class of any school, you will get dozens of couples there. Talk to them and the will say that they love each other and that their love is pure. You can make out by this what love is to them. They don't even know if they will ever meet each other after completing their education there in school. No guarantee of living together for whole life, but they say they are in love.

Now, let me tell you that what they want is just to show others that most sexy girl of the class is their girlfriend or the most handsome boy is their boyfriend. They think having a girlfriend or boyfriend is a great achievment for them. That is why they are always in a rush to make relationship with a person of opposite sex. And they name this craziness as 'Love'.

Not only this, this schooltime love results in many more such things on which I will throw light in my later posts. Till then think about this 'Schooltime Love' and ask yourself 'Are you really in love ? ? ?' . . .
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