Child Marriage - The Evil Still Prevails . . . . :-(

15 minute ago I wished a girl her 18th birthday and 13 minutes ago I came to know the dark fact that she was married one year ago at age of 17 :-( . Believe that ? ? ? Year 2012 and still this evil deed of marrying up girls at their amateur age is carried on shamelessly. I don't understand why do the parents have to do such thing to their girls ? ? ?

I don't know what's the problem with those mothers and fathers who give away their daughters to the f**king butchers who are ever ready to cut them in pieces for some money or just marry them for fullfiling their outbound lust. Sorry for the rude words, but that's what I think . . . Even if the guy marrying the girl is good but then too there are many more problems . .

Have you ever thought what the girl is sacrificing when marring a guy much more older and mature than her ? ? ? Even if the guy is not older than her and is of her age then what do you think will keep their relation intact ? ? ? They have to be mature to keep relation going for whole life. The parents should think once that they are giving their child to someone forever and it is necessary for her to be mature to keep herself safe
in that unknown place where she is going.

Now, the government has done whatever it can do to swipe away this evil from India but this has already spread up its root deep in minds of rural people of India who still give away their girl for marriage quite happily. Now government can't do any thing more for this, now its our turn. We should spread this message to a great scale, and try to change this situation and drive away this evil
from India . . .

If you have have any objection to what you just read or you are in my support please comment. Please comment so that I can inprove myself . . . .

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