Give And Take . . . .

It’s an old saying, “To get something in life you have to lose something”. It’s the only truth in life. To get peace, you have to give away your life, means you have to die. Until you die you don't get peace, you only get miseries from this cruel world. To get a happy future, you have to give today, means you joyous present. Word hard today then only you can get a happy and secure tomorrow (and that to is not for sure). To get cool rain drops, you have to give away the warm pleasant sunlight. To have something good you have to give something better. This is the rule. And you can’t ignore this rule if you want to win the game of life. Sometimes for success you have to give the best thing you ever had in your life and destroy everything . . .

Give & Take
This Give and Take rule takes place in spiritual science also:-

Many events in our lives are destined, beginning from our birth and the family that we are born into. One is born into a family, where conditions are conducive to undergo one’s destiny and where one has significant give-and-take account with each member of the family.

According to the law of karma, every positive deed generates a ‘merit’ while every negative deed generates a ‘demerit’ or a sin. Subsequently one has to reap the results of one’s actions. Whenever one does a good deed to others, it is bound to give a positive return (in the form of some happiness), apart from a simple thank you from that person! Whenever one inflicts harm, it is bound to give negative return in the form of sorrow in some form. It cannot be undone by a simple ‘Sorry’!

The law of karma is infallible. It is something like Newton’s third law of motion, which states, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Throughout our lives we are either settling an old account or creating a new one. If the account cannot be settled in this birth it is carried over to the next. We are not consciously aware of the give-and-take accounts generated in our previous births.

Besides, the status of the relationship and the sex of the individual may change with subsequent births. So a father of a person in one birth can be born as a daughter of the same individual in the next.

According to the science of Spirituality, most of our family members are people with whom we have positive or negative accounts from previous births. The reason for this is that one has to be in the proximity of the other person to be able to experience pleasure or pain.

So we see how Spirituality can be useful to even those of us who have absolutely no spiritual aspirations what so ever and only wish to be immersed in worldly pursuits. Even for those worldly relations to be fruitful they need to be insulated from destiny.

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