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Hello my dear friends, I am adding a forum to 'Live Out Loud'.

So just shout out there whatever you want, anything and everything. If you think anything is going out wrong just start a new discussion. Want to change something just speak out there. Just say whatever you want, and get the forum going. Its a whole new forum so is having no threads till now, just add a thread and get the discussion started. Please, help me out in running the forum successfuly. You readers are all what I have, so I need help from you all. Help me promoting this forum, so that more audience get to know about it and step in the conversasion. Check out the forum here ''. If you are not OK with the forum, just notify me in the comment box below and I will remove it (or do as suggested). And if you think its fine just add a thread and start a new discussion . . . .

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