Minutes To Midnight || Prologue . . .

Minutes To Midnight - The Runaway

Minutes To Midnight - Cover page

Prologue :-

“Sir, where should I take you?”

“Err… Take me to the airport, and take the long route please. I will pay you extra”

“OK! Sir”

I don’t know why I told the driver to take the long but I just told… I think because I didn’t know actually I was to go or maybe to change my mind of going to airport. Maybe something else… but I seriously didn’t know where to go. I have everything in my life (name, fame, money everything) but I don’t have anything that a person needs to be happy (family, friends), nothing at all. That time I had nothing in my mind what to do.

I opened my bag and took out a book. The cover page showed ‘The child under the tree by Anurag Kumar’. This book was the bestseller in India, not only in India but in other countries too. And the writer was on seventh sky. Very rich, famous and loved by everyone and that was no-one other than me. Yes, I am Anurag Kumar, you humble servant. Some years ago I dreamt of all that I have today name, fame, riches and all such filth and that time I had something I dream of today family, friends, relatives and many such necessities that I don’t have now.

Six years ago I did something I am paying for till today. I wish I should never had done that. I wish I could fly back in time and undo what I did years back. All this started about ten years ago...


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