Going to a war . . . .

For next nine hours I am a part time warrior. Want to know why? Ok, I will tell you. I am going for a war. Not a small war, a big war. I am putting my life to stake. If I loose, I am gonna die. With the most deadly weapon in my hand I am going to the arena where million other warriors like me (probably better) are waiting to hit me, thrash me, crush me and then kill me. The war starts today at 9 AM sharp and if I am lucky enough to survive level 1 then level 2 starts at 2 PM sharp. So, please wish me luck for this war if you want to read my post in future :-P.
Ok now, I have put up lots of puzzle in front of you so its now my duty to solve it. Let me let you know what I really meant.

The deadly weapon = My Pen :-P
Arena = Examination Hall
Millions of warriors = Millions of candidates . . .

Today is most important in my life. My career is at stake. Paper 1 of IIT JEE starts at 9 AM sharp and Paper 2 at 2 PM sharp. So, if you like or have time pray for me. Just kidding, I know prayer don't matter, my knoledge matters (which I have but very little amount). Just wish me luck and keep visiting my blog and spare some time for reading and commenting on my post . . .

Posting from mobile (Remember my Nokia X2-00) so image in the post, will add it later :-) . . . .
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