Downtrodden - A Creation Of Frustration . . . .

Tell me my dear,
what should I do ? ? ?
Do you think I should,
hit you, thrash you,
crush you, or curse you ? ? ?
just tell me,
what should I do to you ? ? ?
You did all,
what you should not do,
to me, to my heart.
You took away from me,
everything you want.
And left for me nothing,
nothing at all.
you gave me things,
you don't need,
misery, pain and all.
A robber, a thief,
thats what you are.
But you gave me something,
something I had lost,
something I needed,
something I had urge for,
you gave me the rage,
the disasterous anger.
That gave me power,
power to fight you back.
so, I am coming,
to take back my things,
and to give you back,
whatever you gave me.
dipressed, distressed and disgraced,
today I am enraged,
burning hot in fury,
running wild in wrath.
ready to burn you alive,
or just stick a knife,
in you, in your heart.
Grind you or tear you apart,
tell me, just let me know,
a reason, why should I leave you alive ? ? ?
For using me more ? ? ?
Or pissing me off ? ? ?
Tell me what to do to you,
grind you, smash you,
bury you or burn you ? ? ?
or just let you,
to stab me on my back,
or should I go,
climb to a height,
and fall back from there,
and give up blood,
free up my soul,
and end up everything.
Just let me know . . . .
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