Love Me . . . .

Love Me

I want to walk with you hand in hand,
without shoes, barefooted on beach sand.
I want to embrace you, hug you hard,
I want the world to pace up and time to retard.
I wish to live with you always,
and spend with you nights and days.
I promise to live for, die for you,
even to leave you alone if you want me to.
But please think of me, my beating heart,
its like a child, and not so smart....

Without you my heart is freezes & bleeds,
you are the one who can fullfill all my needs.
You are my love, you are my life,
but them too you hurt like a blunt knife.
You are so delicate, but too mean,
anyone like you I have never seen.
Why do you always try to ignore me,
as if you have never known me?
No reason for this I ever get to see,
but I believe, that someday you will understand me....
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