A Poem . . . .

Writing a poem
A poets rhyme that never rhymes,
a guilt rising after a chain of crimes.
A thought in mind lurking about,
a voice in heart craving to come out.
An un-understandable phrase,
that drives in a lot of praise.
A creative play of thoughts,
that can beautify even moon's blots.
An unbound flight of words,
flying high, higher than birds.
Some kind of unnurtured imagination,
its a person's emotional creation.
A voice from inside our soul,
a direction pointing to our goal.
A substitute of facial expression,
a written account of our emotion.
A justified creation of a crazy mind,
rarely born and hard to find.
Some creepy truth that rises fear,
or incomplete love that brings down tear.
An expression of the cries unheard,
a mental speech of a speechless bird.
A weapon with no explosive,
but a great damage which can give,
no bloodshed, just a hallucination,
which can destroy a whole nation.
The most powerful creation of a human,
which can eat up every devil, every demon.
A tool to make a dead speak,
it takes your emotions to a peak,
this is what I say a poem.
That is why I write 'A Poem' . . . .
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