Masterpeice . . . .


With a brush in my hand, 
today I stand on the sand.
forth me is the waving sea, 
flying gulls and the shells so free. 

I stand their with a canvas blank, 
what to draw, my mind not frank, 
should it be a bird perching free, 
or just the scene in front of me? ? ? 

I don't know actually, what to do? 
Noones there whom I ask this to, 
oh great lord, please help me out, 
tell me what I should draw about? ? ? 

Apple falling on newton's head, 
or slepping beauty laying on bed? ? ? 
What to draw, I don't know, 
nor anyone's here to tell me so. 

Should I draw paris's Eiffel tower, 
or it be mona lisa taking shower? ? ? 
Hell and heaven I can draw, 
or the dreamland that I just saw. 

How about Taj Mahal of India? ? ? 
Or a man with some kind of phobia? ? ? 
Something great I want to draw, 
something which the world never saw. 

Something better than Leonardo sir, 
better than Mona Lisa, though I admire her. 
It can be as small as the buzzing bees, 
but it should be my MASTERPEICE....
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