Dilemma Of Perception . . .

Dilemma of perception
The unknown dilemma of perception,
The in-heroic creed of jurisdiction,
THe unpathetic pathetic works,
Of the inhuman human lurks.
Creepy darkness of the blinded sense,
The boiling heat behind the fence,
The frozen fire in the warrior,
Guilt-free crime rising the fear.
The unknown, unwanted human creation,
Is giving rise to the animated destruction.
Homo-Sapiens busy running the death race,
With no time to admire the infant face,
OF the freedom, with the broken heart,
Stepped upon and torn apart . . . .
The timeless time running past,
The heartless heart beating fast,
Countryside dirt better than townly filth,
Bewaring our minds of its falling health.
Something unpleasant crawling to happen,
So I took out the ink and my pen,
To warn you of the upcoming calamity,
Unnatural, but with great surity,
Which if trigerred will be unstoppable,
Ones executed, will be unbeatable,
A creation of human mind,
To stop it some method we should find.
The unrespected me in us we should awake,
And crash the attitude, the show off just a fake,
Wake up the human, the warrior within,
A new revolution, we have to begin,
To begin this world one new mesaage we need to send,
With this line my rhyme comes to an end . . . .

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